Closet Installation Videos

Please watch the appropriate videos before you begin installation.
Click here for a downloadable installation guide

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Your Shipment: Unpacking & Identifying Components

Cleaning the panels of your storage system

Use denatured alcohol to remove dirt and production residue

Cabineo Connectors

*Due to COVID-19 related supply chain issues, your closet system may utilize Cabineo connectors rather than the Rafix ones seen in these assembly videos. Please review this video to learn the differences.

Parachute Bag & Fasteners

Hole Counting Reference for Stud placement

Floor-mounted closet installation:

Wall-mounted closet installation:

Flip-up Door installation:

Door installation:

Drawer installation

Corner unit installation

Shelf-over (Bridge Shelf) installation:

                    Rollout Shelf Installation

Free-Standing Island Assembly

Hamper installation:

Valet Rod installation:

Shoe Fence installation:

Sliding Basket installation:

Sliding Belt Rack installation